• Receive reservations
  • Give info about pricing and availability
  • Prevent unwelcome visitors entering your premises
  • Identify guest passport
  • Register guests on the guest book
  • Charge guests
  • Give room keys
  • Give WIFI information
  • Trouble shoot A/C , TV & WIFI problems
  • Give Extras: Towels, Soaps, City maps, Remote batteries, Sheets.
  • Alert Manager/ Handyman when needed
  • View CCTV cameras
  • Concierge service: web research for customer needs
  • Surrounding information: Late night eatery, Super- markets & Night life
  • Transportation information

Looking for a


Convient for guests
Reduce cost
Keep your rating high

Universal product

Don't change a thing with your hotel

It doesn’t matter which door lock your room has: classic keys, codes, or key cards Mastermind works with them all!

It doesn’t matter what PMS your reception uses, Mastermind is compatible with each and every management system and doesn’t require any integration.

  • Keep your PMS – Mastermind works with them all
  • Keep your door locks – no need to integrate special room locks to the system

Let’s talk some numbers

Reduce reception operation costs by 75%

Average night shift employment costs 30% more than regular day shifts, yet on the night shift the traffic on the reception reduces by 90%

No matter what size your hotel is, it always requires service at night: whether its late check-in or guests that encounter some problem.

Reduce reception operation costs by 75%

Seamless technology

Keep your ratings high

Mastermind technology uses a high-quality video platform allowing guests and receptionists to see each other and maintain the human touch.

We analyze each and every call to improve body language, the service provided, and guest satisfaction from the solution provided.

  • Communication made via video calls to maintain human touch
  • State of the art technology that provides high- quality communication
  • Calls analyzed to improve guests satisfaction

Want to hear more?

We now release our service on pilot mode only

Your hotel will enjoy the following benefits during the pilot:

  • 30 days free trial
  • Your card won’t be charged until after the free trial
  • Enjoy 30% off, on subscription costs during pilot period
  • No commitments, cancel anytime
  • Free trial begins only once service is operative at your hotel